FAQs List Of Episode Mod APK

Get access to thousands of different plots of various genres. The stories have several genres. Many stories have romantic components. Usually, you have to choose From several characters with whom you stay. Romance, comedy, dramas, films,  and also many other genres of stories available. We are presenting an application name episodes Mod APK premium choices. You can get unlimited gems and passes With episode Mod APK Unlimited passes and gems. Episode APK provides all kinds of stories on one platform. So this article is all about episode Mod APK Android 1. So, read the article completely. 

What Is Episode Mod APK 2021?

Episode Mod APK 2021 for Android and IOS  is an interactive game that lives up to its name. Read further to know more about the game and mood. It’s the best Multiplayer simulation love game. Make your own characters or avatar. The graphics look very realistic. Choose stories as you want and start with them. 30 free stories are there to select. Download the mod APK file on your Android devices to get unlimited gems and unlimited passes on your game account. Episode chooses Your Story brings about unique situations and you have to make a choice to write your life.

 Episode Mod APK Premium Choices Features:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Passes
  • Unlock in-game purchases
  • Free access to new Episodes
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Episode Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!
  • Enjoy thousands of exciting, love and touching stories
  • Create your character before the story begins
  • Make responsible decisions
  • Create your stories
  • Graphics and Sound
  • Mod Description
  • Mod Testing
  • Gameplay review
  • Our Summary

How to get free unlimited gems and passes?

Gems are the premium resources available in the game. You can use them to customize your avatar to unlock all the premium features. If you want to get unlimited gems and passes on your game account, you should use our episode Mod APK 2021. It is working on both Android and IOS devices. The gameplay will be more in training by using this mod. As it is free to download, you would not lose anything if you try it.

Passes are an important currency used in the game, as you need them to read stories. You will get three passes every 4 hours OR you can trade codes given by other users. Forever gaming experience, you will need a lot of passes, so you can read all the chapters. Use our episode Mod APK to get unlimited passes on your game account.

How To Download Episode Mod APK Premium Choices 2021?


 We made everything to the downloading process for every visitor to our website. However, if you download a mode in our hacked app from third-party sources for the first time, the following how-to-do guide very useful for you.

  • Press the download APK button to start the download process
  • Its completion open your file manager and select the necessary application File episode apk
  • In case of installing the APK file for the first time, you are a device that may ask you for several permissions. In order to allow the installation process, you have to open the device setting and switch on the allow from the source tab.
  • After the game installation completion, it becomes available for playing

Remember that you have to delete the original version of the episode. Choose your story before installing a modified version to prevent errors during the installation process.

FAQs( frequently asked questions)

How do I download an episode mod for APK?

Download and Install FAQs

  1. You can open a ZIP file directly from the ES File Explorer.
  2. Install APK file and do not run yet.
  3. Place the OBB Data in the /SDCARD/Android/OBB/ file location and you are good to go.
  4. Start the game again. Enjoy.

How do I download hacked episodes?

How to download Episode Mod Apk hack 2021?

  1. So, to download the modded apk you need to click on the download button below.
  2. Thereafter, you will get to the download page which will, in turn, redirect you to the google drive link of the apk.
  3. Go get your Episode mod apk, fast, and enjoy.

Can lucky patcher hack episodes?

if you want to hack episode. Use lucky patcher to hack it then you open it( episode) and buy the number of gems and passes you want. Make sure you sign in to the game with your Google account and save your login details cos you will need them later. Download the latest version on the other phone.

Is episode choose your story offline?

When you have no internet connection and when you are offline you can also play the game with the help of an episode choose your story offline app guide and, seemingly, when you have not wifi episode choose your story no wifi app guide is meant for you 

How do I install an APK file on my Android?

Copy the downloaded APK file from your computer to your Android device in your chosen folder. Using the file manager application, search for the APK file’s location on your Android device. Once you find the APK file, tap on it to install.

Is Mod APK legal?

No, mod apk means modified apk, and downloading it is not illegal but it might harm your phone if there are backdoors in the mod apk. … But a MOD APK is one that is modified by any third party to add new features or crack premium features. Mod apks are not available on the play store.

Is episode choose your story offline?

When you have no internet connection and when you are offline you can also play the game with the help of an episode choose your story offline app guide and, seemingly, when you have not wifi episode choose your story no wifi app guide is meant for you.

Do episode writers get paid?

The only way to earn money from an Episode story is to qualify for the Writer Payments program. As far as the payment rate goes, it varies from month to month based on the number of reads you earn in that month and how busy the Episode app was at that same time. Generally, it is based on a rate of $X / 1000 reads.

Is choice better than episode?

The choice is definitely better in terms of quality and consistent updates. I do play Episode when I get bored, and I noticed that while a lot of the official stories are complete garbage, some fanmade stories are pretty good and not all totally cliche bad boy pregnancy stories.

What does it mean when someone asks what is your story?

It just has to show you’re a regular person with a slightly messy past but resilient spirit. Most importantly, your story reassures them that there’s room in your life for them. You are someone they’d like to spend more time with. You’re not your job title or hobby.

Can you get unlimited passes on the episode?

Unlike permanent in-app offers, such as the individual Gems packs and Passes packs, which are available to all users at all times, special offers, such as the Unlimited Passes and Ad-Free bundle, are non-permanent offers and are sent to random groups of players by the system in limited quantities for a limited time.

Can you get free gems on the episode?

Get free gems as a reward for connecting your social media account with the game’s app. Completing events depending on your place in the top charts. Daily challenges that award you with free gems and free passes. Playing new stories to get more hourly free passes on episode.

Is the app episode inappropriate?

On the Common Sense Media website, parents have given Episode a parental advisory rating of 14+, whereas kids have rated it suitable for ages 13+. On the Apple App Store, the game is rated 12+ and on Google Play it’s rated “Mature”. That said, players of Episode are often impressionable older children and teens.

How old should you be to play the episode?


In Episode’s terms and conditions, readers must be at least 13 to play the game.

How do you end an episode?

You can end it by saying. Say you are done with your first chapter/episode of the story. You can say. “You have reached the end of Chapter/Episode 1.”

What’s your story, Craig Wortmann?

What’s Your Story?” Using stories to ignite performance and be more successful is a leader’s book. This book is written for people who want to make a difference; people who want to build, create, learn, share, and inspire; people who want to give themselves and others the powerful gift of a story.

Why does the episode only give 2 passes?

When the player starts a new account or game, they have defaulted to 2 passes per 4 hours. The way the game is programmed is that your passes will increase after you read a certain amount of chapters.

How do you skip chapters in the episode?

There is a way to skip chapters, but it’s not available to us (I’ve contacted the episode about it). The reader can submit a ticket and ask Episode if they can put them back on the correct episode. If not, they’ll just have to read through again.

Is the episode is a bad game?

Not bad, if you avoid the romance sections!

I think that this game is great for kids aged 10 and up because it really has no “bad” scenes. The only thing “bad” about it is that it has some language about bad things. They never show any privates. It actually is a great game if you avoid the romantic stories!

Does the episode record you?

If you email us or otherwise communicate with us, we will collect and retain those communications. Some of our games or applications may permit a user to record his or her voice and share such recordings with an opponent in the context of such a game or application.